McLellan Press Beginnings

McLellan Press was established around 2007, as a way of giving back to our soldiers. It is a way of leveraging our knowledge of publishing to produce materials that might help with downtime. We have produced a number of small publications that focus on different activites, ranging from sudoku to crossword puzzles.

The goal wasn't especially lofty, just make publications that can entertain for a few hours, while not busy doing other things. The publications are provided free of charge to whomever wants to download them. If someone wanted to download them, and include them in a care package, all the better.

McLellan Press has printed up hundreds of booklets and sent them in care packages. We have helped local Boy Scout troops with getting materials together for care package shipments. We have also provided materials to VA hospitals around the country. And, a few outside of the country.

Current Operations

Currently, McLellan Press is not producing very much. We are keeping the publications that we have produced online, and freely available. There haven't been too many pulications in recent years, and there are not any plans of revamping producion in the near term. We hope that you find the materials here to be useful.

If you make use of the materials here, feel free to drop us a line.